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Characteristics of aquatic products industry development at the present stage -威尼斯电玩中心-威尼斯游戏网站52366.com

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Marketing channel. To a certain extent, aquatic products is still a channel for the king of the times, channels for the product has an absolute right to speak, in fact, only different channels to create a different value of aquatic products. The same fish, in the farmers market and restaurants, its value is often a big difference. On the one hand, on the one hand, it creates the dependence of aquatic products on the channel, on the other hand, the channel opinion also forms the independent value of the product.

Consumption category. From the consumer, the well-known fisheries experts believe that although the improvement of people's consumption level, some basic consumer upgrades, brand consumption trends are maturing. However, from the analysis of specific consumer behavior, for aquatic products, the core of the current value of the level of its decision, for the vast majority of consumers are category. Seafood is higher than the value of freshwater shrimp and crab products, product value is higher than the ordinary fish, were observed in the fish market, the basic cognition for consumers to select products such as grass carp, shrimp and other categories as the standard, rather than the brand system of these categories above, this to a certain extent determines a lack of communication between the consumer and the brand cognition is still in the process of the status quo is not unified.

Brand regionalization. China's vast territory and abundant resources, in the long-term development of aquatic products, through the cultivation of long-term market, has produced many consumer favorite brand of aquatic products. However, whether it is Zhoushan hairtail or Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs or Qiandao Lake head, well-known aquatic experts believe that the basic characteristics of the product is added to the geographical label. On the one hand, due to the expensive products, each brand can be a local industry, but on the other hand, speaking from the perspective of brand, because the broad geographical use, also led to the existence of serious risk of loss of proprietary brand value and brand value of use.

Product homogeneity. The so-called product homogeneity, refers to the same category of products, the quality of their similarities or differences in the quality of the product. From the point of view of aquatic products, at present, from a macro point of view, the basic points for seafood and freshwater products, aquatic products and further subdivided into pond, lake, river and other products have raised, for enterprises, different farming methods will produce different quality products. However, from the point of view of market consumption, the key to bring the market efficiency is the difference between the same sequence of products, that is, the product personality. At this point, whether from the appearance or quality, serious homogenization of aquatic products. The same four fish, a company and another company's products almost no any difference between, and this situation of no segment, it determines the product brand added value is difficult to truly reflect the.

On the whole, the main characteristics of aquatic products market is the brand localization, marketing channels, consumer categories and product homogeneity-W59859.com.


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